Because Style & Sustainability
Should go Hand in Hand


At Bitter Grace, we are committed to doing our part to treat our planet with kindness. Sourcing brands & products with sustainability in mind has always been our mission from day one. We believe that conscious shopping is a valuable way to vote for change and a fantastic place to start when it comes to wholehearted conscious living.


Knitted and developed in California.

Chemical-free: Uses a knitting process that doesn’t use water and chemicals.

Utilizes Swisstex (Bluesign certified), which adheres to a strict environmental policy.

Ocean friendly: Our dyes are never dumped into oceans.

Biodegradable: Our cotton styles fully dissolve in less than five months.

Supports Small businesses like ours!


These are only a few of the ways that we're making a commitment to lessening the impact on our environment. We want slow fashion to be the norm and are dedicated to encouraging a change in consumption patterns. Sustainability and ethical fashion is a long term goal at Bitter Grace and we're always looking for ways to do more for our planet’s future!

We invest in energy-efficient lighting in our space. We use LED lights to conserve energy and UV lighting to sanitize our garments and fitting rooms.

We believe that mass-production leads to mass-consumption. We keep our stock quantities low in order to stay within a consumption pattern that lessens our impact on the environment.

We invest in quality over quantity. We care about quality materials and garments with a long lifespan. Investing in quality reduces the likelihood that your garments will end up in a landfill.

We limit the use of plastic in our space. Our bamboo shopping bags are biodegradable. In the near future, we want to offer reusable tote bags as an alternative.

We encourage our customers to return their empty candle jars to us so that we can reuse them to make new candles. We want to create a circular economy wherever possible.

We aim to be conscious about sustainability in our supply chains. Our cashmere, for example, is manufactured through an eco-conscious process that aims to reduce wastage.

The Choices We Make Today, has an Impact on Ourselves and Our Planet.