A Glimpse Into Our Cashmere Facility

I would not be the consumer and dresser I am today without Bitter Grace and all the exposure and experiences in garment-making over the past few years. In many ways, my personal style and clothing choices are a reflection of my enhanced awareness and perception of clothing as an investment rather than as something that is disposable.
Witnessing the amount of waste that unfolds in production is overwhelming and most frustrating. The conventional responses of "oh well, there's always going to be issues in production" has been the norm for many decades.
I made it my personal mission to educate and inform through transparency and making intentional choices that create sustainable change and more empowered consumers today and the future.
I wanted to see things in person, visit our manufacturers, and meet the people behind the production of our garments.
We recently traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal to visit our cashmere manufacturer for the first time. The best part was meeting the talented people and faces behind our garments - from design, knitting, mending, and sewing - all in one facility!
It was lunch time when we arrived. We were told everyone was on their lunch break together in a communal outdoor dining area.
We decided to proceed with touring the different areas of the facility and I was in awe of the various stages of garment-making - how yarn becomes a fabric and later assembled into a piece of clothing. It was the realization of the many lives involved in making one garment.
An hour later, we were met by a large group of people laughing and connecting with one other as they slowly headed back to their designated work areas. While each person was responsible for their specialized tasks, it was clear they collectively contributed to an environment that fostered a sense of belonging. In this moment, I realized ethical production goes beyond fair wages - it's about the overall well-being of all those involved in every garment we put on our bodies. It was beautiful to witness in person; an experience I will forever treasure.

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