Wardrobe Services

Wardrobe Services


A Holistic Approach to Revitalizing You & Your Style

What we wear and how we show up speaks loudly to those around us. Our services offer a holistic approach that empower you to consciously and effortlessly express yourself, congruent with the person you aspire to be.

A Masterclass to Embodiment

Revitalize You & Your Style

This masterclass revitalizes you and your style, offering tools and resources that enable you to feel connected with who you are, authentically.

This is a 4-6-hour personalized, intimate, and intentional styling journey tailored to help you harmonize the way you see yourself, internally and externally.

After your experience, you will:

  • Gain clarity on the image of the person you aspire to be
  • Discover and claim the style that feels most authentic to you
  • Enhance your image, personally and professionally
  • Learn on how to dress for your body shape
  • Shift your perspective on various styles and silhouettes for you
  • Learn how to leverage and style existing and new pieces from us
  • Learn how to properly care for garments
  • Feel empowered to intentionally invest in pieces that sustains you for many years
  • Build and cultivate a wardrobe congruent with how you see yourself, internally
  • Gain free access to Inner Elegance Circle for 3 months - refer to FAQ for more details



A 4-6-hour personalized masterclass that includes all the benefits and amenities stated above.

Note: Ideal for those who prefer to opt out of food and snacks during the experience.

Tailoring: This is additional. Cost is dependent on the number of pieces and the level of work involved.


  • with Color Analysis: $500
  • with Look Book: $500
  • with Color Analysis & Look Book: $650


A 4-6-hour personalized masterclass that includes all the benefits and amenities stated above.

Note: Includes your food, drink, and music preferences.

Tailoring: This experience includes tailoring of ALL Bitter Grace pieces purchased during the experience. Lead time for tailoring can take up to 2-3 weeks.


  • with Color Analysis: $650
  • with Look Book: $650
  • with Color Analysis & Look Book: $800

Closet Revamp

Purging, Organizing, & Functionality

Do you need support in...

1. Creating a functional space that allows you to get ready & dress with more ease?

2. Organizing your closet so you can easily locate where things are?

3. Purging clothing that no longer supports your lifestyle and reflects YOU?

If so, we can help! Our Closet Revamp involves purging, organizing, and reconfiguring your closet to create a more functional space.

The average timeframe for a one-day project is 5-6 hours. Upon booking the service, a team member will contact you right away to organize a brief virtual or in person consultation so we can better understand your wardrobe needs.

Color Analysis

Identify your personal color palette to determine the best tones for your natural coloring.

We guide you in finding the colors that help you feel and look your best, enabling you to shop for pieces more intentionally and effortlessly.


“There is a story to every single item Bitter Grace carries and that's important to me. ”


“I trust Anne Marie, the products & the brand. We even got to talk about every day values and it was a match.”




Q. How do I know if this is the right service or investment for me?

We want to serve in the most loving and compassionate way through integrity and transparency.

  1. Are you open to possibilities?
  2. Picture who you want to become in 5 years. Is your wardrobe mismatched with that vision of yourself?
  3. Do you have a burning desire to reclaim a part of you that needs to be expressed authentically?
  4. Are you willing and able to revitalize you and your style that reflects who you truly are?
  5. Do you see clothing as an investment and valuable commodity?
  6. Do you gravitate more to timeless and modern styles in neutral color palettes?

If you answered YES to the questions above, this service can jumpstart your journey to enhancing who you already are and to embodying who you aspire to be.

You can book the Embodied Masterclass here.

You can book the Embodied PLUS Masterclass here.

Q: What is the difference between the Embodied & Embodied PLUS?

The Embodied is ideal for those who prefer to opt out of food and tailoring amenities.

Embodied PLUS is for those who prefer the full experience with food, drink, and music preferences. This package also includes tailoring of ALL Bitter Grace pieces purchased during the experience.

Q. What are the benefits and amenities of Embodied & Embodied PLUS?

  1. Experience an empowering masterclass that enhances who you truly are.
  2. We offer a holistic approach to image consulting.
  3. Free access to our Inner Elegance Circle for 3 months, offering a lifetime of tools and resources to shift your self-image and expand your awareness.
  4. A lifetime gift that jumpstarts your journey to embodiment.
  5. Knowing how to dress effortlessly for different occasions and seasons.
  6. Knowing how to do more with less.
  7. Knowing how to care for your clothing.
  8. Personalized private experience.
  9. We offer a white glove service, placing great attention to quality and extra level of care for our products and the clients we serve. This means we provide a hands-on approach along with wardrobe and styling support for our clients as needed even after their experience with us. We ALWAYS steam to clean and disinfect our clothing before and after each wear.
  10. Tailoring of ALL Bitter Grace pieces (applies only for Embodied PLUS).

Q: What is the Inner Elegance Circle?

A safe community and container that offers a lifetime of tools and resources that help you discover who you truly are and expand your awareness of what is possible for you.

For more details, visit www.innerelegancecircle.com 

Q: Is there a discount I receive if I'm interested in multiple services?

No, we do not offer discounts. We go above and beyond and take pride in delivering the best value possible for every client we serve.

Q. Why does this wardrobe service take 4-6 hours

This is an intentional journey of guiding you to consciously select pieces that are in harmony of the person you've been envisioning.

We are hands-on throughout the process and we guide you in demonstrating the multiple ways to leverage and style each garment from dressy to casual. Additionally, we encourage our clients to bring in pieces from their closet to integrate during their appointment so they see the value of their investments from us long-term.

After your personalized experience with us, you will:

  1. Gain clarity on the image of the future version of you.
  2. Learn to see and invest in clothing differently.
  3. Learn more about fabrics and fabric compositions.
  4. Learn the value of timeless, versatile, and neutral garments.
  5. Learn styling techniques that allow you to dress effortlessly.
  6. Learn to create multiple looks with a few pieces.
  7. Learn how to leverage pieces through different seasons.
  8. Learn how to properly care for garments at home.
  9. Learn how to effectively express who you are through what you wear.

Q: Is the service fee separate from the clothing and accessories I purchase?

Yes, the service fee is independent from clothing and other purchases. Please refer to the list of Benefits and Amenities that comes with this experience.

Q: Do you personally shop at other stores to curate my looks for me?

No, we curate looks from the clothing and accessories we offer in our store.

Q: What if you don't have my size for the styles I want to purchase during my appointment?

If it is our in-house collection, we can always produce the garment in your size. Lead time is generally 7-14 days if we have the fabric available.

Q: What if I don't love any of the pieces or styles presented to me during my experience?

We do not require our clients to purchase anything during their experience with us. We do, however, recommend potential clients to visit our physical store and website to ensure that the clothing we offer aligns with their personal style.

We offer timeless, modern, and understated styles that transitions effortlessly through different seasons. We also focus on neutral color palettes.

Q: Is tailoring offered?

We offer tailoring services and is generally an added cost, except for the Embodied PLUS experience. Anyone investing in the Embodied PLUS receives complimentary tailoring of Bitter Grace pieces.

Q: Is tailoring included in the service fee?

Tailoring is only included for the Embodied PLUS experience and applies to Bitter Grace pieces.

Q: What does a holistic approach to image consulting mean?

This 4-6-hour masterclass is beyond clothing and styling. We integrate and infuse a style of coaching that empowers the client to shift their perception about how they see themselves and select pieces that are in harmony with who they are, internally and externally.

Q: How do I know if the Electronic Look Book is valuable for me?

The digitized look book is personalized for you. A culmination of all the looks you loved, highlighting the various ways we styled each of them with you. This includes pieces from your very own wardrobe that you ended up bringing with you to your appointment.

The Look Book is valuable if you see yourself leveraging it as a useful guide on how to style or if you simply want to have a sweet memory of your experience with us.

Q: What does a color analysis entail?

Color analysis takes up to one hour.

Our team works with you to determine the colors or tones that suit your natural coloring. You will receive and take home swatches with you that we have collectively identified as the best colors for your skin tone. This helps you incrementally build an intentional wardrobe over time; one that sustains you today and into the future.

Q: How do I know if the Closet Revamp Service is right for me?

The Closet Revamp is ideal for those needing additional support in at least 1-2 areas below.

  1. Purging: Our team provides support in helping you sort pieces to let go and keep. If you prefer, we take your unwanted and unsellable clothing pieces off your hands and donate them to our partner SCRAP, a NY-based company that responsibly recycles clothing.
  2. Organizing: Our team helps you organize your wardrobe that supports your lifestyle. We help you organize styles that you leverage regularly throughout the week so they are easily accessible.
  3. Functionality: Our team works with you during the initial consultation to assess if there's a need for closet reconfiguration and if so, working together to determine the most efficient way to reconfigure your closet space that enables you to get ready more easefully.

A one-day project takes roughly 6 hours, depending on the level of effort.

Our team will work with you to organize an initial consultation upon booking. In-person consultations are preferred.

You can book the Closet Revamp service here.

Q: Are there other costs associated with the Closet Revamp outside of the service fee?

Any materials required for the closet reconfiguration is additional cost.

During the initial consultation, we will work together to determine if a closet reconfiguration is needed. If we proceed, we will send and share our recommendations for materials for you to purchase prior to our arrival.

An hourly rate of $250 per hour will apply if the project goes beyond 6 hours.

Q: Is there a travel cost associated for the Closet Revamp?

We service the DC, VA, and MD areas.

There is no additional cost for travel unless you are outside the beltway. Please contact hello@bittergracedc.com for more information.

Q: I'm interested in both the styling service and closet revamp. How do I proceed?

You can book each service individually by adding them to your cart. You will be prompted to select a different date and time for each service.

If you need additional assistance, please contact hello@bittergracedc.com

You can book the Embodied Masterclass here.

You can book the Embodied PLUS Masterclass here.

You can book the Closet Revamp here.

Q: I'm interested in both the styling service and closet revamp. Which one should I do first?

We recommend completing the Closet Revamp at least 2-3 weeks prior to your Embodied or Embodied PLUS Masterclass. This way, you have intentionally created space for new pieces that embodies you prior to your experience with us.

During the Closet Revamp, our team will also work with you to set aside pieces in your existing wardrobe that will be valuable to bring and integrate with the pieces we curate for you during your experience. Some of these pieces may involve pieces you love or pieces you need additional support in styling them with other styles.

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