Is it REALLY just about the clothes?

A Message from Anne Marie

Some of us view clothing as superficial, materialistic, a waste of money, or disposable - depending on our conditioning. Some of us use it as a tool to overcompensate for the lack of confidence or emptiness we feel within or a mask to hide our insecurities and poor self-image in hopes that no one would find out or reveal the truth behind the mask. But at some point, our inner world eventually shows up in our external world in the most challenging and unfortunate ways that often lead us to change. Some call this "rock bottom."

This was me.

Changing my relationship with myself transformed my personal style and shifted the way I see and leverage clothing today. In many ways, it changed the course of my life in profound ways. When we remember our true nature and reclaim a part of us - who is fearless, curious, inquisitive, unapologetic - we begin to see and live life differently.

Remembering who we are opens our heart to the possibilities - the limitless source of supply that is available to each of us every day. We redefine who we are and who we want to be, reimagine the quality of life we want to live, feel empowered to re-write our story, and disassociate from our own false narratives and other people’s expectations of who we should be and what we are capable of in this world. We awaken ourselves to something beautiful where we step into our authentic power, discover our passions, and connect with our higher purpose in service of others.

Let me tell you a little bit of my story….

I didn’t realize that clothing was my armor…a shield I used unconsciously throughout the first half of my adult life to hide my own insecurities and feelings of unworthiness. Clothing was a band aid that temporarily made me feel good….an illusion that told a story to others that I was confident and had everything figured out. Clothing was a mask that I needed to feel seen, validated, and accepted by others. It was this antidote that I was leveraging unconsciously to fill the hollowness I felt within.

For the first time, now in my 30s, I choose myself. I deliberately choose to invest in clothing that’s in harmony with who I am and who I aspire to be. I choose to wear clothing that brings me joy and helps me connect with that image of who I want to become. I dress for me and not for anyone else.

Journaling is my preferred meditative practice that allows me the space to feel grounded and to strenthen my intuition. The journal prompts below were incredibly helpful and healing for me and I hope they do the same for you.

-      Have you been expressing who you are authentically?

-      Do you feel yourself dressing to blend in or in fear of judgement from others?

-      Do you find yourself dressing in a way that’s incongruent with the image of the person you want to be?

At Bitter Grace, it’s always been beyond styling and clothing from the start and I’m excited to finally share the revamp of our personalized wardrobe offerings here. It’s a representation of how we’ve evolved as a brand through our personal connections with those we serve and most importantly, it’s a reflection of my personal evolution that continues to inspire me to do more and serve more in meaningful ways.

A Masterclass to Embodiment is a 4-6-hour experience that catapults your journey to self-rememberance, a paradigm shift that changes your perception about YOU.

My mission is to awaken people to who they truly are and guide them toward the path to embodiment. There’s something so beautiful when we reclaim our agency and personal power….and that is self-congruency and inner peace. When we feel at home within, we begin to create the life we love.

Remember, you get to decide how you you want to show up and live for YOU.



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