Clothing is More than Skin Deep

"The greatest privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are"

- Carl G. Jung


At Bitter Grace, we often talk about effortless style and you may be thinking…what does this even mean? Is there such thing?

Some believe if you want to feel instantly more confident, change your clothes. In many ways, there’s truth to this because our confidence fluctuates, depending on how we perceive and value our “self” and how we experience life in accordance with our values and aspirations.

While clothing is a medium for self-expression, it’s important to note that clothing is more than skin deep. It can profoundly change the trajectory of an individual's life, especially when a new and enhanced image of "self" replaces an outdated one.

When an individual’s clothing is a mismatch of their values and aspirations, clothing is merely a mask. Clothing becomes a bandaid when we’re not ready to do the work to heal. We’ve seen this many times with people struggling with body image who see themselves a certain way regardless of what they wear and the validation they receive from others. But when they have begun the inner work, and consciously and deliberately choose clothing that mirrors their ideal or new perception of “self,” the individual is forever changed.

How we express the image of who we are becomes effortless as we develop a greater identity and increase our belief of “self.” Our emotions, attitudes, behaviors, and our 'being-ness' will eventually mirror the new self-image, leading you to experience more of the life you desire – more JOY, more LOVE, more HAPPINESS, more FULFILLMENT, and FREEDOM.

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