Do you see clothing as an investment?

I've been reflecting lately on my values, particularly on the types of material things and experiences I consume. It got me thinking...

How much am I willing to pay for quality and great experiences?

As I reflected on them, it gave me clarity on the value proposition I place on the things that are important and worthwhile to me. It also revealed an important insight on how our values and choices are shaped by our own perception.

Here's a story...

I oversaw one of our team members working with a customer who loved one of our luxurious cashmere dresses one day. She was having a difficult time deciding and it came down to cost, which I can understand. One of her girlfriends who accompanied her asked this one question...

"Why do you have a hard time with this? If you love it, get it.” 

She then responded - “I want to, but this is what I spend for a facial.”

Her friend then said - “but a facial is a one-time thing; you'll have this forever."

Long story short, the customer decided to invest, but it took a friend to help her shift her perspective which ultimately helped her make a decision. When we begin to see things differently, we make different choices.


What do you consider quality to be? 

How much are you willing to pay for it? 

Do you see your clothes as investments?


Here's another story...

I was watching a video on Youtube one day. The person being interviewed, known for her classic fashion style, said this...

“I splurge on jewelry and shoes, but not on clothes. You can get those anywhere.”

While a true statement, it perpetuates the belief that clothing holds very little value.

The point of these two stories is not about price or cost, but rather the value we place on clothing. For many decades, we’ve been taught that clothing is disposable or something that’s only meant for now, one occasion, or for a short period of time.

With Black Friday fast approaching and the amount of marketing ads we receive in our emails and phones for clothing markdowns and sales every day, we’ve been conditioned to see clothing as a commodity we turn over every season or after a few wears. Additionally, we've been taught to believe we save more long-term when we invest in less expensive garments.

After my most recent wardrobe purges, I realized that buying things on sale or something that was less expensive versus the one I actually wanted actually cost me more.

When I started to develop a greater relationship with myself and learned more about the garment-making process, I wanted to be a different consumer. I made a decision to be more intentional and deliberate with my clothing investments (along with properly caring for them). I started to shop less and dressing became effortless.

This one conscious choice changed the way I consume today and most importantly, clothing became a conduit that helped me effectively express who I am authentically.

Remember, only you get to decide who you want to be.

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