Is your style aligned with who you are?

As we journey through life, we eventually come to realize that nothing is ever constant except change. Our identity, values, lifestyle, relationships, and even our style gets renovated and transformed with every learned or gained experience.

Our style is always a direct reflection of who we think we are and where we are with our authentic journey. It's essential to acknowledge how far you've come and the person you've become through it all.

Introspection is the greatest gift we can give ourselves as the answers we need lie within us. Performing a self audit regularly is important because we're constantly evolving. Clarity on our values and the future vision of us enables us to feel empowered to make more aligned clothing choices.

What have you learned about yourself through the ebbs and flow of life?

Who have you become today through it all?

Who do you aspire to be?

If dressing or shopping for clothing brings anxiety, sadness, misery, and/or distress, it's an invitation to let go of outdated styles or pieces to create space for the new. The wardrobe you are building and cultivating should embody your values, lifestyle, and the future and most authentic version of you. Aligning your style with the image of the person you aspire to be is a way of expressing the future YOU in the now.

How we feel in what we wear matters. Clothing is an extension of who you are, what you believe to be true about yourself, and who you want to be. It's powerful when you can align it with your values and identity that feels empowering and most authentic. If used intentionally, it's a useful tool that helps you flow through your days with more ease and comfort. It's a medium that forges you to connect with your higher self and others that feels meaningful and purposeful.

Effortless dressing is a form of self-mastery that transcends to and through you in all you do.

Some of us wait for the right circumstances or external results before we make the investment or commitment. But the truth is...our human mind cannot predict the future. The time is now to get curious, explore the possibilities, and develop a greater relationship with Self. You owe it to yourself and your future self to bravely be YOU and be the person you were meant to become in this world.

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