Our New Flagship Store is Open!

Our new flagship store is now open in DC Proper's Union Market District!

Head to Visit Us for more information.

When I think about my inspiration for Bitter Grace, it was always the beautifully-curated spaces that influenced me to see the possibilities life offers us. There's something so magical when we intentionally create spaces that inspire each of us to pursue whatever ignites us, enabling us to tap into the gifts only we have that deserve to be shared in this world.

As we were preparing for our store buildout, I couldn't help but reflect on my own journey that led me here. It was, therefore, important to keep this in mind as we were building out our new space.

We wanted to build a space that fosters beauty, harmony, creativity, and community; an inclusive space that promotes connection and a sense of belonging....a safe sanctuary we can call HOME.

It's always been beyond the clothes for me from the start. Bitter Grace will forever be a space for everyone to feel accepted and celebrated; a space where you can feel at home within and inspired to be more and do more.

We look forward to learning and growing, and to sharing our space with you!

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