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Revitalize your style + wardrobe

What we wear and how we show up speaks loudly to those around us. We guide you in revitalizing your personal style, offering tools that enable you to consciously invest in styles that align with the person you aspire to be.

Personal Styling Experience in Washington D.C.


Personalized experience tailored to guide you in:

  • Re-building your wardrobe that embodies you
  • Revitalizing your personal style
  • Learning on how to dress for your body shape/type
  • Learning how to optimize and style current and new pieces from us
  • Learning how to elevate your image personally and professionally
Personal Styling experience with professional photography


This service is a combination of the Closet Revamp and Personal Styling services, that involves two different timeframes. We will work together during the one-on-one consultation to determine the scope of the project and preferred timeframes.

Ideal for those looking for additional support in creating a functional and organized closet space, along with additional wardrobe and styling guidance.

Closet Organization service in Washington D.C.


Personalized service tailored to guide you in:

  • Getting clarity on your closet needs
  • Performing a closet audit (we take unwanted clothing off your hands)
  • Re-structuring your closet space to make it more functional
  • Organizing your wardrobe so dressing becomes easier
  • Learning folding techniques to optimize and maximize closet space

Color analysis with a client
Personal styling appointment with a client at Bitter Grace
each personal styling appointment is customized for you


“There is a story to every single item Bitter Grace carries and that's important to me. ”

- Lahaina

“I trust Anne Marie, the products & the brand. We even got to talk about every day values and it was a match.”

- Leigh

“It's fabulous. Everything I wear now is from Bitter Grace.”

- Rachel


Enjoy a glimpse into this empowering Personal Styling transformation with Patrice Cleary, Owner & Founder of Purple Patch DC and founder and CEO of Bitter Grace DC, Anne Marie Johnson.


Q. Why do personal styling appointments take 3-4 hours?

Our personal styling experience is an intentional journey of identifying your self-image and understanding the importance of dressing with purpose. During your personal styling experience you will:

  1. Learn to value clothing as sustainable; not disposable.
  2. Learn to invest in quality and timeless pieces that will last you for many years.
  3. Learn styling techniques that allow you to dress effortlessly in the mornings.
  4. Learn to create multiple looks with a few pieces.
  5. Learn how to transition through different seasons.
  6. Become informed on how to make more intentional practices and decisions on clothing in the future.
  7. Enjoy a curated and memorable experience including your favorite food, drinks, and music.

Q. How do I know when I’m ready for a personal styling appointment?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you find it difficult to get dressed during the day?

2. Are you shopping for every occasion?

3. Are you frequently shopping for new items?

4. Does it feel like your clothing is not aligned with the person you are today?

5. Are you finding yourself gravitating to trends?

6. Picture who you want to be in ten years. Does it feel like your wardrobe is mismatched with that vision of yourself?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you’re ready for a personal styling appointment. You can book your experience here.

Q. What are the benefits from a personal styling experience with Bitter Grace?

  1. Educational platform that empowers you to be more intentional with the clothing you invest in.
  2. Elevates your personal style.
  3. The tools and resources to know how to shop and style yourself in the future.
  4. Knowing how to do more with less.
  5. Knowing how to care for your clothing.
  6. Helping you create a cohesive inner and external self.

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